Tree Top Villa at Cocoplum

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Tree Top Villa at Cocoplum, Maya Beach


Every vacation home is unique, but few stand out from the pack as clearly as the newly constructed Treetop Villa. In terms of location, design, quality of finishes and on-site service the Treetop Villa is unmatched on the peninsula. In addition to being solidly constructed the Treetop Villa sports some of the most luxurious finishes available in Belize. Cut limestone tiles cover the floors of the living room and guest bedroom, while the master bedroom is adorned with a floor made of exquisite black poisonwood, one of many local hardwoods utilized throughout the home. Mahogany, with its golden brown hue is the wood of choice for all mouldings, doors, closets, and beds. Santa Maria trusses support the roof, and Cabbage Bark, with its ornate undulating grain, is used on the exterior staircase and for the beams that support the floor of the master bedroom. The kitchen and adjacent bar feature granite counter tops with a ceiling uniquely covered with wild cane. Mexican bowl sinks, tile and one-of-a-kind artisanal light fixtures give personality and flair to the bathrooms. The second floor veranda catches plenty of cool Caribbean breeze, while the veranda on the third offers a stunning view of the sea and nearby cayes.